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In doubtful conditions, ECG-gated multislice CT with optimized examination parameters may be helpful for refined staging in patients with hilar bronchial neoplasma, thus possibly influencing treatment strategies. Multislice helical computed tomography in the evaluation of lumbar spine diseases. Image simulation has an invaluable importance for the accurate analysis of High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope HRTEM results, especially due to its non-linear image formation mechanism.

Because the as-obtained images cannot be interpreted in a straightforward fashion, the retrieval of both qualitative and quantitative information from HRTEM micrographs requires an iterative process including the simulation of a nanocrystal model and its comparison with experimental images. It allows the user to build nanocrystals with virtually any convex polyhedral geometry and to retrieve its atomic positions either as a plain text file or as an output compatible with EMS Electron Microscopy Software input protocol. In addition to the description of this tool features, some construction examples and its application for scientific studies are presented.

Dose optimization for multislice computed tomography protocols of the midface. Purpose: to optimize multislice computed tomography MSCT protocols of the midface for dose reduction and adequate image quality.

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Materials and methods: MSCT somatom volume zoom, siemens of the midface was performed on 3 cadavers within 24 hours of death with successive reduction of the tube current, applying , , 70 and 30 mAs at kV as well as 40 and 21 mAs at 80 kV. At kV, a pitch of 0. Images were reconstructed in transverse and coronal orientation.

The effective body dose [mSv] and organ dose [mSv] of the ocular lens using the dosimetry system ''WINdose'' were calculated, and the interobserver agreement kappa coefficient was determined. With regard to image quality, the effective body dose could be reduced from 1. Myocardial bridging: evaluation with multislice computed tomography coronary angiography. Barros, M. Myocardial bridging MB is defined as a segment of a major epicardial coronary artery that proceeds intramurally through the myocardium beneath the muscle bridge.

Although MB is clinically silent in most cases, it has been associated with myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, and sudden death. Conventional coronary angiography CCA is the gold standard for detection, but it is invasive and may not be sensitive enough to detect a thin bridge. Recently, multislice computed tomography coronary angiography MCTCA have made possible the clear detection of the entire running courses of coronary arteries and the MB itself.

Objective: To evaluate the prevalence MB in patients suspect to coronary artery disease submitted to MCTCA and assessing the predictive value of this method in the midterm. Results: The mean age of patients was During the follow-up none patient showed hard events. Conclusion: Patients with MB could present with angina pectoris and positive stress testing and showed midterm excellent prognosis.

Objective: Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension CTEPH is one of the important causes of pulmonary hypertension with poor prognosis.

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Methods: Forty-nine in-patients with pulmonary hypertension without history of con - genital heart disease, valvular heart disease and acute pulmonary embolism were included in this study. The final diagnosis was confirmed by pulmonary angiograpy. The concordance rate was Clinical application of three-dimensional imaging with multislice CT for laparoscopic colorectal surgery.

Laparoscopic colorectal surgery, while minimally invasive, is a complicated technique. Therefore, prior to this surgery, it is important to determine the anatomical information of colorectal cancer. CT examination was performed in an air-filled colorectum by colon fiberscopy. Contrast-enhanced images on multislice CT were obtained at arterial and venous phases. All images were reviewed on a workstation, and three-dimensional 3D images of vessels, colorectum, cancer, and swollen lymph nodes were reconstructed by volume rendering and fused integrated 3D imaging.

We evaluated the usefulness of integrated 3D imaging with multislice CT for laparoscopic colorectal surgery. Integrated 3D imaging demonstrated clearly the distribution of arteries feeding the colorectal cancer and the anatomical location of colorectal cancer and arterial and venous systems. Moreover, measurement of the distance between the aortic bifurcation and the origin of the inferior mesenteric artery and that between the base of the inferior mesenteric artery and the origin of the left colic artery on integrated 3D imaging contributed to safe, prompt ligation of the vessels and excision of lymph nodes.

Integrated 3D imaging with multislice CT was useful for simulation of laparoscopic colorectal surgery. Pitch dependence of longitudinal sampling and aliasing effects in multi-slice helical computed tomography CT. In this work, we investigate longitudinal sampling and aliasing effects in multi-slice helical CT. We demonstrate that longitudinal aliasing can be a significant, complicated, and potentially detrimental effect in multi-slice helical CT reconstructions.

Multi-slice helical CT scans are generally undersampled longitudinally for all pitches of clinical interest, and the resulting aliasing effects are spatially variant. As in the single-slice case, aliasing is shown to be negligible at the isocentre for circularly symmetric objects due to a fortuitous aliasing cancellation phenomenon.

However, away from the isocentre, aliasing effects can be significant, spatially variant, and highly pitch dependent. This implies that measures more sophisticated than isocentre slice sensitivity profiles are needed to characterize longitudinal properties of multi-slice helical CT systems. Such measures are particularly important in assessing the question of whether there are preferred pitches in helical CT.

Previous analyses have generally focused only on isocentre sampling patterns, and our more global analysis leads to somewhat different conclusions than have been reached before, suggesting that pitches 3, 4, 5, and 6 are favourable, and that half-integer pitches are somewhat suboptimal. Detection of hepatocellular carcinoma with multi-slice spiral CT by Jun 7, The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effect of iodine concentration of contrast material on detection of hepatocellular carcinoma with multi-slice spiral computed tomography CT by using double-arterial phase and portal venous phase enhanced scanning.

Ninety-four 94 patients with hepatocellular Purpose: To assess patency and lumen visibility of coronary artery stents by multislice -CT angiography MSCTA in comparison with conventional coronary angiography as the standard of reference.

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Objective: To investigate the clinical value of multi-slice spiral CT angiography and color flow ultra- sonography in hepatic and splenic trauma. La Posada Del Abad Pedrazales. El Labrador o Retriever es una raza levantadora especializada en las labores de cobro. De Pamplona Y 45 Min. Estas posesiones bien pudieron ser conocer mujeres separadas en campillo de llerena cerco sobre el concejo de Alcaraz en sus disputas territoriales. Only 1 of 7 patients have bilateral bony atresia. Rural San Roque Santana. Congenital intrahepatic arterioportal and portosystemic venous fistulae with jejunal arteriovenous malformation depicted on multislice spiral CT. Pero en la actualidad. Hotel La Pista Vega de Rengos. Ibid, fols. Three-dimensional multislice CT imaging of otitis media. En barca en el embalse soriano de la Cuerda del Pozo, en las lagunas de Castrogonzalo, a orillas del. Patients with bronchial arterial supply had bronchial arteries ranging from 2. This article was taken from the March issue of Wired magazine.

Material and Methods: 47 stents of 13 different types were evaluated in 29 patients. MSCTA was performed on a 4-slice scanner with a standard coronary protocol detector collimation 4 x 1 mm; table feed 1. Image evaluation was performed by two readers who were blinded to the reports from the catheter angiography. Results: Image quality was fair to good on average score 2. Thirty-seven stents were correctly classified as patent, 1 was correctly classified as occluded and 9 stents were not assessable due to insufficient image quality because of triggering artifacts. Parts of the stent lumen could be visualized in 30 cases.

Twenty-five stents were correctly classified as having no stenosis, 1 was falsely classified as stenosed, 1 was correctly classified as occluded. In 20 stents lumen visibility was not sufficient for stenosis evaluation. Conclusion: Although the stent lumen may be partly visualized in most stents, a reliable evaluation of in-stent stenoses does not seem practical by 4-slice MSCT. With submillimeter MSCT e. The anal verge: localization with multi-slice spiral CT. Objective: To determine and evaluate the method of localization of anal verge by multislice spiral CT.

To provide an imaging reference for operative guidance of low-rectal cancer. Methods Forty eight consecutive adult patients suspected of abnormalities other than rectal disease were evaluated with abdominal and pelvic CT scans since August, They were divided into two groups based on sex and age. There were 23 men and 25 women.

Material Information

The ages of young group were 28 to 50 years and the average age was 41 years. The ages of elderly group were 52 to 81 years and the average age was 64 years. A small cotton ball dipped with contrast media was put at the anal verge as a marker and CT scans were performed with slice spiral CT scanner. The distances between the cotton balls and the lower margin of the pubis combination La , the lower margin of the Sth sacral vertebra Lb , the inferior aperture of minor pelvis Lc and the lower margin of the basement of external anal sphincter Ld were measured on the mid- sagittal images obtained by MPR.

Conclusions: The lower margin of the basement of external anal sphincter was a useful anatomic landmark for localizing the anal verge, and could be definitely identified on the middle sagittal pelvic CT image. The distance between the structure and anal verge is constant enough and can be used in measuring distance from low rectal lesion to the anal verge.

Vasudev, M. Abscesses involving the cavum septum pellucidum are rare and, owing to their location, detection may be difficult with routine conventional computed tomography CT.

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Only a few isolated cases have been reported and mostly in children. We report a case of abscess involving the cavum septum pellucidum in an adult and its appearance on multi-slice spiral CT Abscess, cavum septum pellucidum, multi-slice CT, surgery. Multi-slice CT urography after diuretic injection: initial results. Nolte-Ernsting, C. Aachen Germany. Purpose: To investigate the feasibility of CT urography CTU using a multi-slice MS scanner and to find out whether a low-dose diuretic injection is advantageous for the opacification of the urinary tract.

A 4x2.

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Scan time was sec. Multiplanar maximum intensity projection MIP images were postprocessed to obtain urographic views.

Bone structures were eliminated using the volume-of-interest method. In our series, only one CTU scan per patient was needed to obtain a diagnostic urogram after 10 min of contrast material injection.